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Safe at Home Care

Helping you stay safe at home
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People thrive where they feel most comfortable, and for most, that place is home. Whether you live in a retirement community, assisted or independent living, skilled nursing facility, or private residence, you deserve to experience life in a way that is healthy, active, and meaningful. Safe at Home Care is a home care placement agency registered by the State of Colorado. We have been serving the Boulder County area for over 21 years, providing high-quality in-home caregivers to those who need them.

Our foremost principle is this: At Safe at Home Care, we treat our clients with honor, approach them with compassion, and show them respect. Always.

Our care is as diverse as the people we serve.

No two clients have the same combination of interests, backgrounds, living situations, and personal needs. At Safe at Home Care, we celebrate this diversity, and are committed to providing our clients care that is customized specifically to their individual situations. This empowers our clients to pursue their goals, exist with dignity, and flourish in ways that only they can.

In order to provide a level of care that upholds our company’s mission, we draw from a roster of highly-qualified caregivers, male and female, ranging in age from the early 20s to 70s. While our caregivers represent a spectrum of races, religions, and nationalities, these individuals all share one common goal: to provide competent, compassionate, individualized services to those who trust us with their care.

We take pride in our relationship with local attorneys and doctors who frequently refer clients to us. These professionals trust us to protect and advocate for their clients and patients, and have done so for over 21 years. Our history of dependable, compassionate care allows these individuals to place their trust in us — trust that shifts will always be covered, that clients will receive top-quality care, and that the combined efforts of our staff will be dedicated to improving our clients’ quality of life.

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What our Clients Say…


“Safe at Home has been a life saver for us. We found Ann and her incredible staff when my Dad was passing on. Now we have 24 hour care for my Mother. The staff is caring, warm, and loving and they are always there for us. They really are family to us. I don’t know what we would have done without them!”

– Ellen